Much More Munsch!
based on 6 stories by Robert Munsch, Adapted By Wide Open


 CBC Review
From the moment this trio of polished Saskatchewan performers took their places on stage wearing fancy headset microphones and great big smiles I knew we were all in very capable puppeteer hands.
Not that I'm condoning judging a book by its cover, but in this particular case, all the fidgety tots in the audience, and the adults who drove them there, already knew they liked the inside of the book and only needed to know whether the storytellers that were going to attempt to retell their favourite tales looked fun enough to spend the next 60 minutes with. 
After a brief introduction that involved a review of puppet theatre etiquette by trusty narrator Jenna-Lee Hyde and quick-handed puppet masters Jacklyn Green and Caitlin Vancoughnett we watch Angela fly an airplane, Jillian save the day with her handy ribbons, Amy start a new trend, Aaron declare war on his hair, Brigid paint herself in super-permanent ink, and Moira pack the house with the entire school including Kindergarten.
It's an hour of beautifully crafted handmade puppets (all 32 of them), a professional caliber set and really, really good storytelling.
Interactive and fun, it doesn't get better than this in the Kids Venue. An absolute must see for little fringers and their drivers.

Reviewed by: Demetra Hajidiacos

Sunday July 18, 2010


much More Munsch!